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Why Choose Elcot As Your Japanese Knotweed Treatment Company?

  • Elcot Environmental was founded in 1963 and we now have a proud 55 year background in landscape contracting and weed control.
  • We have been managing Japanese Knotweed for over 37 years and have unrivaled experience of managing Knotweed issues for clients.
  • We can be on-site within 24 hours and can start your treatment immediately.
  • After our survey we will provide you with an individually tailored Japanese Knotweed Management Plan.
  • We will also provide you with a 10 year insurance-backed guarantee, so you can rest easily in the knowledge that any re-occurence of knotweed, which is rare, will be treated free of charge.
  • All our treatment packages are fixed cost, so you only pay one fee - no hidden surprises.
  • We are the original Japanese Knotweed Removal company, and developed the methods for treating and removing Knotweed which have now become the industry standard.

30 years plus experince

37 years

Knotweed Experience
10 years Guarantee

10 Years

Insurance Backed guarantee
Fixed Price


Fixed Price and Satisfaction

Removal of Knotweed

We have a tried an trusted process to eradicate your knotweed problem, built with over 3 decades of experience. We have been removing Japanese Knotweed since 1982!

Step 1

Complete our contact form , phone our office (01793 700100) or send us an sms message and we will call you back, for FREE advice on how to deal with your knotweed problem.

Step 2

If, after we have talked, we need to do a site visit then we will arrange it. A site visit can be arranged with 48 hours.

Step 3

If you have knotweed then we will start the eradication programme to remove it.

Step 4

Your knotweed problem is now being taken care of. If you are in the process of selling your house then we will provide you with the information necessary for your lender to get your sale back on track. No more need to worry.


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It does not grow through concrete! It does grow through existing fractures or voids in concrete and will, if ignored for years, cause heave and add to fractures. More myths

If knotweed is discovered on or near your property, within 7 metres, most lenders will not provide a mortgage without a professional guaranteed eradication programme in place.

Elcot can provide a mortgage lender accepted 10 year insurance backed eradication programme, within 24 hours, which will allow a buyer to get a mortgage to complete the purchase of your home.

Once we have confirmed that you do indeed have knotweed on your property, either by a site visit or a visual identification via a photograph, it is extremely important to use a professional, experienced company such as ourselves. Trying to handle the removal yourself, and cutting the plant can lead to more aggressive regrowth and spread of your problem, which in the long term could increase the financial impact.

You do not have to remove Japanese knotweed from your land, but you could be prosecuted or given a community protection notice for causing a nuisance if you allow it to spread onto anyone else's property.

Our industry standard eradication programme takes a minimum of 4 years. During this time we will visit, spray and remove parts of the knotweed. We will continue to do this until there is a minimum of 2 years non growth, all at a fixed cost guarantee to you. 85% of our contracts are completed at the 4 year stage, and we then provide you with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee, so that if the knotweed does return, we will continue to treat and eradicate it, again with no extra cost to you or the new home owners (insurances are transferable should you sell the property).

Once you have one of our eradication programmes in place, you can sell your house. You do not have to wait until the end of the treatment to be able to sell or buy a house with knotweed.

Knotweed Spraying

Are You a Homeowner or Potential Buyer / Seller with a Mortgage on Hold Due to Japanese Knotweed?

Mortgages & Lending

Most banks and lenders will refuse to provide a mortgage on a property if a surveyor identifies Japanese Knotweed within 7 metres of the habitable space, that means the edge of your property. This could mean that even if Japanese Knotweed is discovered on your neighbours land/garden that a lender or bank will not provide a mortgage on your property!

You may have seen many of the scare stories in the press or on the web which can unnecessarily worry potential buyers, and sellers. However a lot of what you have heard is untrue and elaborated upon.

Japanese Knotweed is just a plant. However, it is a very aggressive plant that can spread easily and quickly, and it has a strong network of roots (rhizome system). But don't panic, it can be treated and killed effectively and without the need to dig up your garden, in most cases.

The most important element of any Japanese Knotweed treatment programme, is that all the affected properties are treated at the same time, to ensure the problem is eradicated and dealt with it. It is very important that neighbours co-operate in this programme.

Most banks will assess Japanese Knotweed infestation on a case-by-case basis, and usually they just need to see that you have taken steps to eradicate the problem by having the following in place:

  • A Japanese Knotweed treatement programme in place from an accredited specialist, like Elcot Environmental, with PCA (Property Care Group) Accreditation..
  • A Full Japanese Knotweed survey report detailing the extent of the problem.
  • A letter from us confirming that a treatment programme has been implemented.
  • Payment Confirmation showing that the treatment programme has been paid for.
  • A 10 year Insurance Backed Guarantee.

When you contact Elcot Environmental to deal with your Japanese Knotweed problem, all of the above is included in our one-off fixed price, along with our 37 years experience with dealing with knotweed and lenders.

Trust us on price

  • We are a PCA accredited contractor for invasive weeds - specialising in the removal of Japanese Knotweed.
  • We provide Japanese Knotweed mortgage funding packages for most situations very promptly.
  • We provide you with a 10-year insurance back guarantee when we have completed the removal of your knotweed.
  • Call and provide us with some basic information and we will give you a cost guide or quote for all your Knotweed control needs.

How To Identify Knotweed

Picture of Knotweed In Spring

Knotweed In Spring


Picture of Knotweed In Summer

Knotweed In Summer


Picture of Knotweed In Autumn

Knotweed In Autumn


Picture of Knotweed In Winter

Knotweed In Winter


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